Cooperation partner Vinche & Koopmans

February 11-2019

Vinche & Koopmans 1864 is the Belgian partner of Scents & Senses and is responsible for the sales and marketing of the Scents & Senses collection in Belgium and Luxembourg.

With its experienced sales team and the internal sales department of Vinche & Koopmans, they have everything to be the ideal link between importer and your point of sale.

Vinche & Koopmans 1864 est partenaire Belge de Scents & Senses and responsable pour les ventes et marketing de la collection de Scents & Senses and Belgique et le Grand Duché de Luxembourg.

Avec son équipe de vente and agency Vinche & Koopmans, ils ont tout and main pour être le lien ideal for importer and voter point de vente.